Who We Are

The Global Summit is a Social, Economic & Environmental Forum providing a neutral platform for worldwide collaboration uniting diverse people, organizations and businesses working towards a healthier, culturally rich and bio-diverse future.  The Global Summit is autonomous, free from governmental, religious, political or any other singular agenda.

The Global Summit is a biennial event enabling participants of all different levels to interact in focus groups and think tanks, creating plans and goals and helping shape a new operating system that works for 100% of humanity—impacting everything from grass-roots markets to global trade policy.

What We Do

Every other year, The Global Summit unites leading innovators from across the world and across diverse sectors working in business, media, arts, education, social investment & impact arenas to advance whole system solutions to humanity’s most pressing challenges.

Proceeded by a culturally rich evening reception on November 16, The Global Summit IV main program will be held Monday & Tuesday November 17 & 18 at the SF Women’s Building.

Each day begins with thought leaders unleashing new world-views; followed by transformative workshops, multi-sector dialogues and opportunities for critical mass collaboration. By the end, participants gain the tools, partners and inspiration they & their communities need to thrive.

Get Involved!

From Rallyteam to Dancing Freedom, our partner community of global innovators brings the technologies, cultural gifts, and skills needed to unite the world’s most influential business leaders with the front lines of social, economic, & environmental change.

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